Interactive Fortune Teller Apes Living on the Ergo Blockchains. The first Ergo NFT Collection to utilize the EIP-04 Multi-Media protocol!
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What is this?

As you are aware, there are already SO many ape and animal PFP NFTs out there. It’s seriously way overplayed. 

But, the majority of people don’t realize the true potential of NFT’s. 

Projects like Unsigned_Algorithms, Aw0k3n, and Cardano Trees have shown the next step, but have been buried by the volume of PFP projects. 

We are combining the best of the stereotypical PFP project with the potential of interactive projects. 

So this project will have truly great art hosted like traditional NFTs in order to attract the “masses”

But built on top of that is an interactive fortune teller game that you can interact with right on the NFT. This will allow those masses to experience a truly interactive and on-chain NFT and hopefully open the world of interactive and On-Chain NFT’s to a wider audience. 

In short, we hope to be a “gateway” to the advancement of NFT’s beyond its current demand as nothing more than a “proof of purchase” for traditional and boring hosted cartoon art. 

Additionally, Magic apes will be a club with a owners only portal and that’s just the beginning of the Utility.


Coming Soon. 

We are turning Traditional Rarity on its head. Be Prepared.


  • 1


    Nancy created 11 characters with 7 traits each, each based on a historical or fictional soothsayer. These characters traits will be combined to create the 8888 NFTs.

  • 2

    Interactive Magic 8 Ball

    An interactive fortune teller game in the style of a classic Magic 8 Ball, is featured on each NFT. Each one will have 20 fortunes selected randomly from a list of over 150 fortunes. meaning each NFT will be unique with no 2 having the same set of fortunes.

  • 3

    Community Building


    Simultaneously during the art and design phases, Our community Manager, Adatya will be focused on building a strong organic community.

    We don’t believe in paid Shills, promoters, or influencers. This means our community will grow and succeed exclusively on organic engagement and word of mouth growth. 

    We are dedicated to creating a strong community that is fun to join, engaging to participate in, and rewarding to commit to.

  • 4



    We have 444 total Cardano Mint tokens to give away!

    Each whitelist token is redeemable for one FREE* limited edition Magic Ape on the Cardano Blockchain

  • 5

    Ergo Mint Era 1

    We will be minting 4,444 Era 1 Apes on the Ergo Blockchain. 

    All of the Era 1 Traits will be based on Historical prophets, soothsayers, and medicine men, along with a special Harambe Naked Ape.


    Cost: 10Σ (subject to change)

    Date: Nov

    You will need a Nautilus wallet for this mint.
    The official Chrome extension is linked below

  • 6

    Cardano Mint


    2444 total Apes will be available on Cardano. These will be limited edition special Magic Apes, which you can only received with either a Mint token, or by minting one of the first 2000 Apes on Ergo.

  • 7

    1/1 Giveaways/ Hunts

    As minting progresses, we will release special giveaways and Hunts for the 4 1/1 Perfect trait Magic Apes. 

  • 8

    Ergo Mint Era 2

    Shortly after Era 1 sells out, we will be releasing Era 2. This collection will be exclusively on Ergo, and will feature traits based on Fictional and Fantasy Characters. Additionally, Harambe traits will make a second appearance. 

    We will also be doing similar 1/1 hunts and giveaways during this phase.

  • 9

    444 Magic Heads

    888 Apes will be burnt in exchange for 444 ultra rare 

    Magic Heads. these will be a separate, Ultra exclusive collection.

    The 444 members that get to participate will be selected through challenges, participation, and giveaways in the Discord once the project sells out.

  • 10


    We will be working towards a special token that will be given to Ape Holders. This token then will be used in Auctions for both Blue Chip and upcoming NFTs. Additionally the token will gain more utility as the Ergo ecosystem grows and we are able to partner with new projects.

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Meet our Team.

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    Alex Washburn
    Creator, Builder


    Hi! I am Alex the designer and builder of this project.

     I am 34 years old, live in Eastern Washington State, and am a financial Management Mid-Level Manager.

     I have been married to my wife Bree for 9 years. We have 2 sons together.  

     I have been in the Cardano NFT space for a year now. The first project I minted was Drunken Dragons Grandmaster Adventurers.

    My 2 Favorite projects are:

    1. Unsigned Algorithms- This is a Cardano Original. And it is all on Chain. The art is actually built from code that lives on chain.

    2. Dead Rabbit Ressurection Society- They have reinvented the wheel with what "community" and "utility" means. They have no paid promotion, and they reward their holders through games and giveaways more than anyone. Plus, the Art is truly awesome!

  • 97872bf3 b560 4d4c 9e8c d4f43d495d42

    Hello, my name is Nancy. I live in Mexico City, Mexico 

     I'm a professional digital artist and illustrator with 10+ years of experience in creating characters, concept art, realistic paintings and illustrations, for book covers, CD covers, NFT collections, board games and more.

     I specialize in 2D realistic and semi realistic art.

  • Img 1720
    Community Manager

    My name is Aditya (can call me Adit) and I will be joining this project as a Community Manager!

     I've known Alex from a few other projects, but I was actually also one of the first 10 members to join this project! Super excited to be part of the Magic Ape Balls journey! 

    A little bit of background on myself, I am 24 years old and was living in the US for a few years before moving back home to Indonesia. I have an engineering background and am currently working in the solar industry. I've known about crypto for a few years, but really just got into communities and Cardano pretty recently (around early 2021).

    I enjoy learning about new technologies and innovation, especially On-Chain art/code! The first Cardano NFT I ever minted was a Yummi Naru! It was quite the experience back then . I am also part of other Cardano NFT projects like Spacebudz and Cardanotrees.

    If anybody has any questions for me or the project, please feel free to reach out! Looking forward to getting to know the community and start building out this project  


You ask – we tell.

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